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After a chat with Norris about this thread on the hill yesterday it reminded me to inform you of a change to the web-link for ContourMaps.
The original address was posted by Steve Watkins on August 19, 2008...........the new one is .
Just thought i'd let you all know.

Rob Browning:

Great instruction they saved me a lot of time. Just uploaded the transparent "UK everyday airspace" map to my 76s as recommended by Steve Lowe. 

Any other tips will be much appreciated.

Thanks for that Steve Lowe, now I have to start all over again but it does mean that i'll have more memory to spare for other data now, so i'm happy about that.

I think the altitude for Shobdon ATZ is 300'AMSL Steve, correct me if i'm wrong though, and the next flying item for me to purchase will definitely be a paper air map.

Oh, and by the way Steve i'll be overjoyed if I manage to fly over 10km, never mind 100km :-D

steve lowe:
thanks for sorting my Query about the (airspace img)
I think you are best off without that one because i have found that I only use .UK everyday airspace. meaning that is the only one of those 6 files that I have ticked to be switched on on the gps. the others just clutter your screen with air space you dont need.
I have found it realy easy to read when on an xc,use the transparent version so you can see your base map as well.and also it does not disappear when you zoom out past 12 km. it has helped me keep under 4000ft on the outer edge of cardiff airspace and stoped me flying into class A birmingham airspace.
I would advise every one to carry a paper map as well it helps with the bigger picture if you use both the gps and the paper air map together you cant go wrong.
the best thing is to expect to fly 100km every time you go xc and swat up on any airspace you might have to navigate round so when you get there you know exactly what to do.
remember ATZ like shobdon is 2000ft above the air field do you know the altitude of the air field ?

OK Steve, all sorted, got rid of that 'Airspace.img' to make more memory space, put everything I needed on one file(all 6 airspace img's,9 regional contour map img's that included a few national ones) all in all I have used virtually all 8mb of memory and it has made a massive improvement to the GPS as a regional ground navigating tool aswell,an excellent suggestion thanks Steve.

     Nice 1

     Andy H.


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